Frame-inflatable dvomisna Psel Mila-3
The length of the text: 
565 cm
90 cm
20 kg
Carrying capacity: 
32 300.00 грн
38 400.00 грн
785,00 €

Frame-inflatable kayak Psel Mila-3

Frame-inflatable three-seater kayak Psel Mila-3: created to open new water horizons

Frame inflatable three-seater kayak "Psel Mila-3" is a reliable and comfortable water vehicle designed for various types of active recreation on the water. Due to its unique characteristics and design features, it has gained popularity among lovers of water walks and water expeditions.

The main technical parameters of the Mila-3 kayak impress with their intelligence. With a width of 90 cm, a length of 565 cm and a weight of only 20 kg, this kayak becomes extremely maneuverable and stable on the water, allowing you to reach high speeds and comfortably control it. The use of high-quality materials guarantees stability and reliability of the kayak even during active use.

One of the outstanding features of Mila-3 is the seat design. Made of a special PVC mesh, the seats are installed in the frame, which guarantees maximum comfort for passengers, even if the seat is wet. In addition, the kayak frame is folded with the help of locking handles, which greatly simplifies the process of assembly and disassembly. You will be able to quickly assemble the kayak without much effort and enjoy water adventures.

Mila-3 balls consist of two segments and have a fabric transverse connection. This design provides greater speed and stability on the water. The balloons are made of dense fabric with a density of 800 g/m2, and the bottom has a density of 620 g/m2. This guarantees the reliability and durability of the kayak even with intensive use.

Mila-3 frame is made of high-quality aluminum 6068 T5. This material combines strength and lightness, ensuring the kayak's resistance to water and other environmental factors. Additional space under the seat allows you to store necessary things at hand, which is very convenient during walks or expeditions on the water.

Thanks to all its features and functionality, Mila-3 is the perfect choice for those who love to swim and are looking for comfort and safety during water adventures. Whether you're planning a leisurely water excursion or a challenging water expedition, this kayak guarantees reliability, maneuverability and fun every step of the way.

Discover new horizons of water sports and recreation together with the three-seater inflatable kayak  Psel Mila-3 ! This watercraft will open up endless opportunities for you to discover new places, explore unknown waterways and enjoy the comfort of nature.

The frame-inflatable three-seater kayak Psel Mila-3 has another important advantage - it is easy to carry and store. Thanks to its compactness, you can take this kayak with you on any trip, even to remote corners of the world. It will not take up much space in the trunk of the car or in storage, and its assembly and disassembly will take a minimum of time and effort.

Regardless of your level of training or experience in water adventures, the frame-inflatable three-person kayak Psel Mila-3 will be a reliable partner on your journey. It is easy to control and stable on water, which provides you with comfort and safety during swimming. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape, develop speed and feel like a real master of waterways.

The Psel Mila-3 three-seater frame-inflatable kayak is not just a means of movement on the water, it is a real companion in your water travels. It allows you to touch nature, feel the power of water and enjoy free spaces. Whether you are planning a one-day trip on the river or a multi-day water expedition, the Psel Mila-3 kayak will be your reliable partner in all adventures.

So let the frame-inflatable three-seater kayak Psel Mila-3 become your faithful companion in the world of water adventures. Go on water trips, explore new places, enjoy the peace of nature and recharge your energy from water. Your adventure awaits you with the Psel Mila-3 kayak!

In the expedition version, kayaks are equipped with quilted girths and aprons
One of the features of Mila-3 is the unique design of the seats.
Rozmir bags 40*40*110 Vaga 20 kg.
One of the features of Mila-3 is the unique design of the seat