PSEL company - kayak manufacturing

Frame two-seater Psel Victoria-2
33 250.00 грн
Frame Trimisna Psel Victoria-3
35 900.00 грн
Frame-inflatable dvomisna Psel Mila-3
32 300.00 грн
Frame-inflatable two-seater Psel Mila-2
29 700.00 грн
for kayaks, two-section kayaks
1 350.00 грн


About the company

The Psel company was founded in 2018 and specializes in the production of watercraft for water tourism and accessories.
The main specialization is frame kayaks of our own development based on world experience and already existing models.
The first and leading model is the Viktoria-3 three-seater frame kayak. The kayak is designed for the tourist segment. It has a large capacity and good stability, and at the same time it has preserved the speed characteristics as much as possible, it is equipped with three inflatable seats and a packing bag.
Also in active development is a two-seater frame inflatable kayak, this model has good swimming characteristics.
The Psel Company also manufactures and sells seats for kayaks, air bags, life jackets, oars.
All products have excellent quality, affordable price and are certified.
Production has been operating since 2018 and is located in the city of Poltava. The raw material base is from both Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, we use only proven materials that have stood the test of time.
Our company cooperates with state tour bases, and participates in GOS procurement, also for agencies providing rental services, a system of discounts always works.
We are open to suggestions and are always ready for cooperation!

Photo gallery

Just fantastic places and rafting comfortably on our kayaks is just a great feeling. As you understand, this was another stage of tests of our "Victoria" kayaks. A soulful team was chosen, besides, all are real professionals. The kayak showed...